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Maca Magic: Why Choose Our Maca?


What started as research in 1994 has become the industry standard. We helped pioneer the Maca industry and our flagship product line, MACA MAGIC, has become one of the most recognizable and reputable brands. We ship worldwide from our certified Organic farms.

From planting the seeds to the packaging of the products we oversee every step in the pre-cultivation and after-harvest of superior quality maca root.


In Peru, we are dedicated to producing bio-active, 100% organic, vitamin-rich maca root. We will never encourage our growers to utilize toxic chemical just to increase production. Our maca is organically grown on our own plantation at the genetic origin of true lepidium peruvianum, Peru's Magic Valley, located on the Junin plateau at 14,000 feet elevation, high in the Andes mountains.

Fresh Harvests!Read more about the Magic Valley

The HERBS AMERICA COMPANY supports traditional agrarian families and promotes sustainable agrigultural practices.

Our goal is to produce pure foods that change peoples lives and support farmers who work in harmony with the environment. We are concerned about our health and the health of the land.

We adopt this attitude and philosophy not because its "politically correct" or environmentally fashionable, but rather because we are motivated by a belief that it is the land and our relationship to it that subsquently empowers our cultivated products and, ultimately, makes them better.

Our plants are grown lean, without chemicals- watered only by natural rainfall that arises from thunderclouds born directly from the amazon basin. The result is 100% Maca root - pure and organic...

Unlike other plantations in Peru that use harsh toxic chemicals or store their roots in unsanitary conditions, we are committed to quality and the organic purity of our product line even after it leaves the fields.

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Click to enlarge imageTHE "MACA MAGIC" STORY

Sold in stores across the United States and throughout the world, the MACA MAGIC line of products has a long history behind its success...

Our interest in the product began with our own usage of maca. For many years we had been utilizing in our own diet the macaroot Peru had known about for centuries. At that time there was only enough Maca in the world to feed two small villages. We soon began selling live plants across the USA from our nursery and shipping them around the world.

In Peru we have partnered with a group of traditional master-growers, built our own chemical free facilities, and are now excited to share MACA MAGIC products with you.

Read more about our growers

We put our money where our Maca is: our crops are sustainably harvested by descendants of the Inca and a percentage of each sale directly supports sustainable agricultural projects in the Andes mountains.

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